SEMARC Digital Net held each Wednesday. Join the group!

A regular digital net is held each Wednesday after the SEMARC Activity Net. It starts at approximately 8:35 PM. Voice check-ins are taken on the 146.985 repeater (no PL Tone). Once participants are identified, digital messages are sent and received using the FL Digi software on 146.550 FM Simplex. You can download the FL Digi softwarefrom the web site . It is suggested that you download the software programs for FL Digi and FL Message to begin with.
A first digital net for our SE metro area using FL Digi was held on Wednesday, January 25, following the SEMARC ARES check-ins and Activity Net. SEMARC and WashCoARES members KS0J, N0UC, KA0HYR, W0MCQ and KI7FX participated, trading digital messages for a little over an hour. The net was coordinated over the SEMARC repeater (146.985) in order to work out bugs. There are also guides and help pages that can be reviewed and printed out.
Join us on Wednesday following the SEMARC ARES check-ins and Activity Net. The use of an FL Digi program will be invaluable for an ARES deployment and for drills. And, it is an exciting new software and mode to become involved in. Consider joining us!!
Other Digital Nets within our reach include:
* Scott County ARES Monday Night, 7 PM, 146.535 Simplex
* Fairbault Repeater, Thursday Night, 7 PM, 147.090 (PL 100)
* MN ARES hf Digital Net, Thursday, 8 PM, 3.583 Khz

Hope to hear you digitally soon!!