December 15th ARES Net looks at Year In Review

Our MNWASHCOARES Net this evening focused on the topic: The Year In Review. The Washington County ARES group is at 52 members. There were 72 nets conducted on 2 meters and that will rise to 74 nets by the end of the year. Members participated in 3 quarterly meetings at served agencies; spring flooding set-up and briefing at Lake St. Croix Beach City Hall (thank goodness there was no damage due to flooding); the Recon Rally for our Simulated Emergency Test (SET) in October; District 6 ARES net on the first Thursday of each month (formerly the Hospital Compact Net); an Emergency Alert System (EAS) net after the FEMA test of the same name; four public service events; and training on many varied and pertinent topics.
Comments are summarized below:
* The net topics provided good training for members. The topics were well selected and made good use of the ARRL books.
* The exercise at the City of Lake St. Croix Beach was very worth while and valuable for training, credentialing, and preparation. We were glad that no flooding occured to damage homes and property.
* In the emergency preparedness effort the individual's personal preparedness and training is probably paramont. This includes the mental state of perparedness, improvement of personal skills, accumulation of equipment and tools, and practice.
* Training had a good review including the 800 MHz training (should be repeated), the Go Kit Picnic, the Recon Rally, and the Hospital Conference.
* The web page was valuable for getting the latest information.
* Thanks to all of the ARES members for your support of Washington County ARES and of Ham Radio. You are the reason we have quality communications and skills available for our served agencies and communities.