To provide support and communications to our served communities.

MN VOAD Conference Set for March 18; ARES presentation and Breakout session included

The annual MN VOAD (Volunteer Agencies Active in Disasters) Conference is scheduled for March 18 from 9 am to 4 pm in Maplewood. This session will feature a breakout presentation on ARES. The session is the first in several years. It would be good to have ARES members there. ARES will also have a booth. You may register to attend on the website. A registration fee is required. Hope a few of you can attend.

ARES Meeting set for March 6; 6:30 PM

The first Washington County ARES Meeting for 2017 is set for March 6th, 6:30 PM at the Cottage Grove City Hall (12800 Ravine Parkway South). We will meet in the Training Room. The meeting will include a tour of the new facility. Topics will include Schedule of ARES event for the year, Speakers from several of our served agencies, and a presentation on emergency deployment. We will also have materials to issue ID cards (if needed) and provide updated version of WashCoARES Folder V 3.1. Hope you can join us.

Upcoming Interoperability Exercise with U.S. Military and Amateur Radio

An Amateur Radio-military interoperability exercise will take place October 31 and November 1. The event will begin at 1200 UTC on October 31 and continue through 2359 UTC on November 1 on 60 meter channels 1-4 —5.3305 MHz, 5.3465 MHz, 5.357 MHz, and 5.3715 MHz, respectively.

During this exercise, military stations will attempt to make radio contact with stations in as many of the 3007 US counties as possible. Radio amateurs providing “county status” information will receive a US Department of Defense “interoperability QSL card.”

Washington County ARES 2016 S.E.T.Drill Completed

Washington County ARES successfully conducted its annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) across September 22-24, 2016. The scenario was a Pandemic like outbreak requiring Washington County ARES members to communicate from their home station or portable station. This SET test used multiple bands and modes to assess ARES capabilities. QSO's were obtained on HF and VHF and used voice, CW, and digital modes. A secondary goal was to get an 80% participation rate among the 31 members.

Details on S.E.T. drill for times, frequencies

The S.E.T. 2016 drill will be held as a Shelter In Place drill for ARES hams on Sept. 22-24 with details below. We will try for all DC/Emergency/Generator power, if you can. Hope to hear you !!
THURSDAY, Sept. 22: Start 2000, End about 2030, 3.583 MHz USB, Olivia 8-500 ;;
FRIDAY, Sept. 23: Start 0600, End 0730, 28,110 MHz, CW
Start 0730, End 0900, 7.293 MHz LSB, Voice
Start 1600, End 1800, 3.816 MHz LSB, Voice
Start 1805, End 1900, 5.332 MHz USB, Voice, 60M
Start 1800, End 1900, 28,110 MHz, CW End Friday ;;

ARES called on for help in Louisiana flooding

ARES members from Mississippi and Louisiana have been called on to help with communications among 40 Red Cross shelters during floods in August 2016. Check the ARRL/News web site for additional details.

MNWASHCOARES supports Radiological Emergency Preparedness Drill

Members of the Washington County ARES group successfully participated in the July 20 REP Exercise. Sixteen members handled communications for the multiple stations during the exercise. The Amateur Radio Operators (ARO's) used ARMER handheld radios to provide necessary communications. Thanks to all our dedicated members who provide communications services to support our county and communities.

Mobile - Portable - Go-Kit Picnic is Saturday, June 11; 10:30

The SARA and WashCo ARES Mobile - Portable - Go-Kit Picnic is Saturday, June 11th, at Brekke Park in Stillwater. It starts at 10:30 am. This is a fun get together for SARA and ARES members to share their mobile, portable, and go-kits with other amateur radio operators. Come on over to share and learn. Take home some good ideas. See how your fellow amateurs have solved their challenges. Hot dogs and beverages will be provided. Join us if you can!! Thanks for your support of Amateur Radio!!

Armed Forces Day 2016 Communication Test to be held MAY 14; Military-Hams to talk

The 2016 Armed Forces Day will hold a Communications test which includes direct Military - Ham communications on the 60 meter band. Modes will include SSB, CW, and digital. QSL cards will be provided for successful contact. The joint military/Amateur Radio event is sponsored by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. More details are available on . Look for the story like the title of this story on the web site.

COMEX 2016 16-1 completed

The Communications Exercise between MARS and ARES held on February 12 is now in the books. Numbered 16-1, the report on the results was good. Communications were established with counties across the state with current conditions reported. Washington County ARES members had several participants. Thanks for your support of Amateur Radio and ARES!! We might be needed tomorrow, so good job in establishing communications.

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